"Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle, 7" square deco pot
"Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle, 7" square deco pot
"Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle, 7" square deco pot
"Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle, 7" square deco pot
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"Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle, 7" square deco pot

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Common Name: "Flamingo" Black-Tie Crape Myrtle

Flowering Ornamental Shrub

 Botanical Name:  Lagerstroemia ‘Flamingo’
  • coral-pink bloom clusters
  • 7" container
  • repeat blooming
  • nearly black foliage 
  • Best Zone:  6 to 9
From early summer until the arrival of the first frost, you will be treated to a continuous display of coral to pink flowers, in large, showy clusters at the end of every branch, set off against foliage that is consistently black from spring to leaf drop. All this on a tree that will grow no more than 12 feet tall, and that can be kept significantly smaller with simple annual pruning. Grow it as a specimen, in a row as a screen, or with other shrubs for a stunning display all summer.
They should be grown in full sun for maximum flowering and the richest leaf color. It will thrive in almost any soil, just so long as it is well-drained. Water regularly during the first season, but after that this tree will thrive in drought and hot, humid weather. It is hardy into zone 6, where it will reliably re-sprout from the base, even if the upper branches are killed in winter. Because it flowers on new shoots, you can be sure of profuse flowering.
PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCATION ON THE ZONE MAP. The zone determines where your shrub will best grow.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Attracts Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees
  • Bloom Shape:  blooms formed into a cone shaped cluster of flowers
  • Bloom Time:  Spring - Summer
  • Fragrance:  No fragrance
  • Habit:  Climbing
  • Foliage Color: Dark glossy foilage
  • Sun Tolerance:  Sun (> 6 hours sun) to part-sun (4-6 hours sun)Watering Requirements: Water daily until established, then water when top layer of soil feels dry. Increase the watering frequency in periods of heat.  After the first season of growth, this tree will thrive in drought & hot, humid weather.
  • Spacing:  plant 5-6 feet apart
  • Mature Height:  12 feet
  • Mature Width:  4 feet
  • Other Characteristics:  Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers
  • Pruning:  Pruning should be done about two months after it flowers. Cut the season’s recent shoots back to within three buds from the base. These buds will then bear the coming season’s new shoots and flowers.

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